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DESDE 1971

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In 1968, D. Claudio Gonzalez and D. Angel Sierra Fumero Pérez, friends and in-laws, as carriers begin their journey in the south of Tenerife. At this time are the tourist earlier this zone. With a large business vision, and much effort, they decide to buy a small minibus eleven places in order to provide service to hotels in the area, the transfer of its employees.

D. Ángel Sierra Pérez (izqda.) y D. Claudio González Fumero (dcha.)
Fundadores de Sierra y González.
The first services were to transport employees of hotels Ten Bel and Chaparral, from their homes to the workplace. The route passed through Granadilla, Charco del Pino, San Miguel, San Lorenzo Valley and Buzanada.

This activity left much free time as a workday lasted until his return. Here begin to make their first excursions with tourists hotels, being one of the first routes Teide National Park.
A year later, and to transport demand, change this small minibus for one of fourteen seats, and another partner with bus seats veintico becomes part of society too. From this union a new company called Magosi arises.

Three years later in 1971 the two brothers decide to continue their journey together and without partners. Here begins the true origin of Sierra and Gonzalez.

Ángel Sierra, Claudio González, Francis González, José Sierra. (de izquierda a derecha)
Santiago Sierra. (abajo)

In 1979, tourism in the area has evolved and the demand for transport with him. At this time the fleet decide to incorporate three cars Mercedes seven-seater capacity, to meet more personalized services.

Business is booming, and in 1982 officially decided to found Sierra and Gonzalez S.A., so their names are definitely associated as solely responsible and owners of the company. At this time already they had a fleet of fifteen vehicles.

This union has been instrumental over the years, with good stages and other complicated, always resolved thanks to the great family bond between the two families Sierra and Gonzalez buts.